Another creative way to keep your children’s hearts, mind, and bodies entertained in a positive pursuit this summer may be interviews and writing.

For instance:

Discuss with your child about what it takes to be a “real” hero and perhaps, who your child considers to be a hero to them. Have your child write about it and read it to you. Save and frame the writing.

Discuss with your child the possibility of their interviewing someone that they find interesting and worthwhile in their community and then, writing an essay about why they find this person worthwhile and interesting and teling us all about him/her. Perhaps, they can share the writing with this individual and a mentoring bond or other friendship will develop.

With your help, your child can ask to interview someone in the career field they think that they would like to work in. You will usually find that people are honored to be asked and are willing to help out a child interested in what they do. Then, your child can write about what they learned: the education and experience necessary to enter this line of work, what the job entails on a daily basis, whether it is what they thought it would be like, and otherwise…Your child can learn a valuable, practical lesson regarding the need for an education, work ethic, and have fun along the way…perhaps, a Summer internship or Summer job might be offered; you never know.


Enjoy your Summer,

Circuit Court Judge Merrilee Ehrlich

Juvenile Delinquency Division