Poetry In Motion


For 30 hours’ credit toward your community service hours requirement,

create/write lyrics for a song whether it be rap, hip-hop, rock &roll, country-western, jazz, opera, classical, rhythm & blues, pop, or otherwise,

that reflects a positive message nonviolence at home, school, the world

  • anti-drugs
  • helping/not harming
  • a better tomorrow
  • one world
  • other- you choose.

For an extra 20 hours community service hours, Judge Ehrlich will schedule regular Friday afternoon shows, at least once every 2 months, if you wish to put your lyrics to music and entertain (Your family, counselor and JPO are welcome to attend! Seating is limited. Remember: this is still a courtroom.) in courtroom 4840. Positive efforts and creativity should be appreciated and applauded.

Click to view Judge Ehrlich’s “Rap” lyrics below:

News Coverage

Young offenders write poetry as part of sentences

Broward Circuit Court Judge Merrilee Ehrlich dressed as a rapper in her… (Emily Michot, Miami Herald)
May 07, 2011|By Ihosvani Rodriguez, Sun Sentinel

A juvenile offender at age 16, Jessica Therasmond says she made a choice to find remorse and rehabilitation inside of a poem instead of a jail cell.

On Friday in Broward County Courtroom 4840, before an audience that included a bailiff and her mother, Therasmond read the poem she penned called “Suffocation.”…

Read more at: http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2011-05-07/news/fl-rapping-judge-20110506_1_young-offenders-poetry-reading-poem