Judge Merrilee Ehrlich | Circuit Court Judge | Broward County 17 Judicial Circuit | Juvenile Delinquency Division

Judge Ehrlich Sits on the Appeals Court

Only two (2) years after she was elected to the Broward County Circuit Court bench, Judge Merrilee Ehrlich was asked to serve on the Florida 4th District Court of Appeals. She was honored to serve in July, 2011.

These are her legal opinions. They can be found in the Southern Reporter Law books in law libraries and on-line.

Click below to open PDF versions of Judge Ehrlich’s appellate opinions:

  1. Northwood et. al. v. Builder Financial et. al. #4D10-1457 (9/14/11)
  2. McCabe v. Florida Power and Light Company #4D10-1306 (9/7/11)
  3. Mesa v. State #4D09-4706 (12/21/11)
  4. Linic v. State #4D09-4706
  5. Gore v. State #4D10-777 (11/16/11)
  6. Louisma v. State #4d10-4244 (1/11/12)
  7. Lehman and Lehman P.A. v. Lucom #4D09-1805
  8. Wilson v. State #4D10-1410 (10/26/11)
  9. Burke v. Homeowner’s Choice #4D10-4153 (8/10/11)
  10. Badra v. MERS #4D10-675 (8/3/11)
  11. L.T. v. State #4D10-3746 (8/3/11)
  12. Rainones v. Watson et. al. #4D10-3981 (8/3/11)
  13. Houle v. State #4D10-3116 (7/27/11)
  14. Henry v. State #4D10-763 (7/27/11)
  15. Goldwire v. State #4D09-4363 (11/2/11)
  16. Harris v. Bristol Lakes Homeowners Association, Inc. et. al.  #4D10-3548 (12/21/11)
  17. City of West Palm Beach v. Roberts #4D09-1028, #4D09-2142, and #4D100-1963 (10-19-11)
  18. A.S.F. v. State #4D10-1873 (10/5/11)
  19. Schaffer v. Ling #4D10-1335 (9/28/11)
  20. Hillard v. School Board of St. Lucie County et. al. #4D10-1790 (1/11/12)
  21. J.T. v. State #4D09-3457 (11/17/10)
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